DSG Security’s investigation services range from;

  • Preliminary investigations
  • Recovery
  • Restriction of losses incurred, consequently combating criminal activity both inside and outside the perimeters of the workplace.
  • Physical Risk Managment Solutions

Vulnerable area identification and solution recommendations are incorporated in this service. All reports on these matters are treated with the strictest confidence. Management’s experience has proved advantageous with our investigations.

Physical Risk Managment Solutions

The various methods put in place to limit or prevent incidents must be integrated and viewed as a combined management system to be highly effective. For example if the properties’ perimeter is secured less intensive protection is needed on the inner sections, guards placed on site is risky due to limited methods of integrity testing, therefore additional technology driven methods should be adopted.

The virtual management system is highly effective and should be viewed as an added benefit managing other installed applications such as CCTV, alarms and scanning devices. The CCTV cameras must be positioned in such a manner that the entire property can be viewed from the inside and out, the system must be integrated with the burglar alarm system and fence alarm for early detection and identification purposes. In the event where unwanted entry is gained the armed reaction officer will be informed of the actual situation allowing for effective action.

Stock movement and security guards deployed are also monitored and managed via the virtual management system.

The offsite virtual management centre plays a critical role in the program and can be summarized as follows:

  • Security staff management: identify and direct (both with CCTV, GMS, radios and scanners).
  • Stock movement: double checking and verifying counts (both with scanning and CCTV software).
  • Early detection: confirm activity and direct.
  • Immediate reporting: via e-mail, radio, telephone and or mobile phone.

Risk Assessment:

Qualified DSG staff conducts careful and extremely thorough examinations to prevent any potential risks, from large organizations to smaller holdings and residences.

We value your assets as much as you do!